The ideal venue for an unforgettable Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreats

Dive into a holistic yoga experience in a remarkable setting

Douliana Villas can make your yoga retreat in Chania, Crete, stand out, and create plenty of positive memories for all yoga practitioners that take place. It can set new high standard for an event that will make every participant ask for more.

Douliana Villas offer a premium venue and location for organizing best-of-class yoga retreats. A yoga retreat in Douliana Villas has all the potential to become an one-of a kind event that will be remembered for life.

Among the big advantages of Douliana Villas are its location, its expert hospitality services, its generous amenities, and its supplementary activities that can be arranged. But above all, what makes a yoga retreat in Douliana Villas a certain success is its “vibes”, which stems from its Mediterranean Cretan architecture, its traditional village feeling, and its flawless hospitality services. All of this, in a place surrounded by a pristine natural environment unique in Crete and Greece. It’s an experience you have to feel yourself to fully understand.

The location

Location is one of the most important parts of a successful yoga retreat. And the location of Douliana Villas is simply perfect: Nestled between the Apokoronas heights with the healthy mountainous climate, yet pretty close to the marvelous, crystal-clear-water beaches of Almyrida and Kalyves, which are among the best in Chania region.

Regarding the natural landscape of the Douliana Villas area, it is hard to describe it: this is the place that will bring you in true contact with nature, and help you rediscover your real, natural inner self. The tranquility of the lush green, along with the perfect climate of the area, will make it hard to leave when the retreat is over.

On top of that, the amazing Chania city, with its grandiose centuries-old Venetian architecture, and its renowned restaurants, taverns and nightlife, is literally “right around the corner”. Chania city is considered by most Greeks the most beautiful city in Greece, and all you have to do is lose yourself in its labyrinth of cobble-stoned streets to understand why. In fact, combining the unique atmosphere of Douliana Villas with the majestic Chania city is a real dream-come-true for any traveler.

The villas and venue

The villas and apartments of Douliana Villas are perfect for an accommodation that combines tradition with modern amenities. The accommodation units are in the middle of an area full of trees, and you can find lush vegetation all around the villas.

There are plenty of pools in the villas, big, small, private and shared ones. Indeed, this is a place where, no matter your specific accommodation, a refreshing pool is always close by.

A yoga retreat needs the right accommodation that has the capacity to let you genuinely relax, bring you closer to nature and help you come in contact with your inner self. Douliana Villas tick all of these boxes in the best way possible.

The services and experiences

Cretan hospitality is renowned all over the world. And the best way to experience it is in a traditional villa or apartment in a picturesque Chania village like Douliana.

At Douliana Villas we take our work very seriously all the decades we specialize in authentic hospitality services. In the heart of our work is our deep care to help our visitors have a great time, in a place where all their needs are taken care of in the most professional, yet friendly way. Our vast experience can only be matched by our determination to do everything in our hand to enable all guests have an unforgettable time during your exquisite yoga retreat.

Yoga is one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to find peace and harmony, reduce stress and negative thoughts, improve mental and body health and increase flexibility. Douliana Villas are ideal for a greatly successful yoga retreat that can satisfy all of the above to the highest degree.

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