Vamos villas accommodation and holidays, Chania, Crete

Find info about accommodation and holidays in Vamos villas, Chania, Crete

Holiday accommodation in a villa in Vamos, Chania, Crete, has become exceedingly popular in recent years. The area of Vamos, also called Apokoronas, includes the known village with the same name, but also other splendid villages, like the marvellous village of Douliana, where Douliana Villas are located.

Your accommodation in a Vamos villa during your holidays to Chania, Crete has many advantages, from the breathtaking scenery of the area, to the great nearby beaches, and to the magnificent Chania city which is close by. But first, let’s take a closer look at the village of Vamos, the name of which is often used by visitors to describe the whole area of Apokoronas, where it belongs.

Accommodation and holidays in Vamos villas, Chania, Crete – The village of Vamos

Vamos was the first village to ride the wave of eco-tourism and alternative tourism in the area of Apokoronas. Hence, until now, if you ask visitors the name of a village in Apokoronas, possibly most of them will remember Vamos.

Several years ago, the village was the first in the area to make systematic and organized restoration of its old villas, houses and stores. This way, it could offer great accommodation options for holiday makers that wanted to stay close to Chania city, Crete, but in a mountainous place with a great natural environment, and not in a beach resort.

Fast forward to today, several other villages in the area of Apokoronas followed the same path, and now, apart from Vamos, there are several options for every visitor that wants to stay in the unique area of Apokoronas.

One of the landmark buildings of the village of Vamos is its high school, the so-called “Lambrakion High School”, which was initially built in 1901. In the village, apart from villas and houses for tourist accommodation, you can find a couple of good taverns and stores selling traditional products.

Accommodation and holidays in Vamos villas, Chania, Crete – Why Douliana Villas are different

Douliana village is in a distance of about 3 kilometres from Vamos village, about halfway from Vamos towards the known beach resort of Kalyves. Although Douliana is not (at least, until now) as known as Vamos, most visitors in the area find it to be more picturesque, as it has managed to keep its traditional architecture intact in a surprisingly high degree.

Douliana Villas are not located in the village of Douliana by chance. The village was selected in purpose, as, apart from the great architectural surroundings, it also offers a great location, close to the beaches of Kalyves and Almyrida, and close to the road that leads to the magnificent Chania city to the west.

The villas themselves were strictly made according to the great architectural tradition of the area. This way, each and every one of Douliana Villas offers a perfect holiday accommodation option, very close to Vamos village, for every visitor that wants to stay in this area of Chania, Crete, but at the same time in a village with a great traditional architecture, which is also surrounded by a magnificent natural environment.

If you are visiting the area of Apokoronas, we welcome you to visit the exquisite Douliana Villas, and see for yourself why they are the best holiday villa accommodation option in the area of Vamos, Chania, Crete.