Douliana Villas: Traditional and classical villas
in Chania, Crete







Douliana Villas are among the most traditional, classical villas in the Chania region. Staying in one of the villas in the Douliana Villas complex is an experience that will make your holidays to Crete truly memorable.

When you stay in Douliana Villas, there is a clear ambience in the air of a wonderful bygone era. This has to do with both the place, Douliana village, and the traditional, classical way Douliana Villas themselves were made.

Douliana Villas: Traditional and classical villas in Chania, Crete – The village of Douliana

Douliana Village is an exquisite small village that is famous for the architecture of its houses – both the old ones, which have been carefully restored, and the new ones, which have been built according to the traditional architecture of the area.

All over the village, we find many houses and villas that are impressive examples of the traditional and the classical architecture in this corner of the region of Chania. The whole area of Apokoronas, where Douliana belongs, has been for many centuries a melting pot of civilizations that set foot on the island of Crete, and this shows in the fine architecture of the houses and villas in the village.

This unique architectural style, which we also find in other places in Chania and Crete in general, reaches its zenith here: Influences from the Venetian, the Turkish, and the Greek neoclassical styles, are creatively mixed to create a marvellous local style, that characterises the traditional architecture of Douliana for centuries. And is praiseworthy for the locals the fact that they have managed to preserve their traditional architecture for centuries.

Douliana Villas: Traditional and classical villas in Chania, Crete – Made with respect to the traditional architecture of the village

From the beginning of the planning of Douliana Villas, our motto was crystal clear: Respect traditional architecture. In fact, we chose to make this big development in Douliana village, in order to highlight the exquisite traditional architecture of the area, and show its great influence to Cretan architecture.

So, all the materials we used during the development were selected according to the classical villa architecture of this area of Chania: Traditionally used materials like stone and wood were used extensively, no matter their cost, in order to create something groundbreaking, something that would set the tone for the best practices to develop in the magnificent area of Apokoronas in Crete.

And the final product of this herculean effort is the traditional villas of the Douliana Villas complex: A fine example of classical villa architecture of Chania, Crete.

So, next time you wander around the beautifully landscaped gardens, and you admire the solid wood, the expertly made traditional stonework, and the perfectly applied classical architectural style of Douliana, take a moment to think how the vision of the founder of Douliana Villas has become a living memorial of the outstanding  local architecture.

This is the short story behind the traditional architecture of Douliana village, and the traditional, classical Douliana Villas in Chania, Crete. Every time you book your stay with us, you help us continue our long and great effort for the preservation of the traditional villa architecture in the village of Douliana.