Tai ji quan (tai chi) holidays and retreats in Chania, Crete

Things (and retreats) you need to know to enjoy tai ji quan (tai chi) in your holidays to Chania, Crete

Tai ji quan (or tai chi) is a natural fit for the peaceful surroundings and the full-of-positive-energy countryside of Chania and Crete. For many visitors, it is a must to visit a tai ji quan retreat during their holidays in the island.

Tai ji quan, a “soft” martial art that every year helps countless people all over the world to achieve a better health, and a better life in general, is practised by both locals and visitors in Chania and Crete. In this article we are going to explore together some of the benefits to practice tai chi during your holidays, and also the special advantages that Chania and Crete offer to every visitor that wants to experience a tai ji quan retreat in this amazing island.

Tai ji quan (tai chi) holidays and retreats in Chania, Crete – The benefits of practising during your holidays

Everybody practicing tai ji quan, knows firsthand how crucial are the internal state of mind and the environment. And both of these are in your favor when you are on holidays, and especially when you are in a specialized retreat.

First of all, when you are on holidays, you are more calm and self centered. This mainly happens because your mind steps out of your ordinary everyday routine. During holidays, everything around you is new, and your brain responds by shutting down its “automatic” reactions to people and circumstances. Almost everything – in tai ji quan and beyond – is done in purpose and with intent, and you can far better understand your actions and your reactions.

Also, when you are on holidays, your surroundings have the power to predispose your mind. If you are on holidays in an amazing place like Chania, Crete, the flowing positive energy in the environment is evident to every visitor, from the masters that can feel it deeply, to the novices that feel “really good”. The great advantage this has on practicing tai chi on the island is pretty obvious.

In summary, practicing tai ji quan during your holidays, either in a retreat or by yourself, is a great idea that will create select experiences for you (and which you will probably remember for years to come). And if you want to practice tai chi during your holidays to Chania, Crete, the advantages of this amazing place are tremendous, as we’ll see right away.

Tai ji quan (tai chi) holidays and retreats in Chania, Crete – The great advantages of this amazing Mediterranean island

More and more people every year visit Chania and Crete. And many of them, including visitors practicing tai ji quan, can feel the especial, splendid positive energy of the island during their holidays.

In Crete there are certain places that have tai ji quan workshops and gatherings, and which act as tai chi retreats, most of which are located in the Chania region.

A place where you can find the right energy and other people practicing tai ji quan is the Sfakia region in south Chania. It is a rugged place, full of gorges (like the famous Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe) and serene, untouched beaches, and which is an experience by itself. You can find your retreat in Hora Sfakion, which also has facilities for people on holidays, or in a smaller, cosier place like the picturesque Loutro village.

Another perfect place is the area around Paleochora. Paleochora is the biggest and most known vilage in southwest Chania, and is very popular with holiday-makers, as it has numerous splendid beaches, both inside the village and all around it. Regarding tai chi, the place is a perfect combination of facilities in the village, with excellent places to practice in quiet by the sea in the area around the village.

All in all, you basically need two things to successfully, purposefully practice tai ji quan (tai chi): A place with positive energy, and a good state of mind. Chania, Crete offers you both in your holidays, and there are numerous retreats all over the region for you to discover.

There are many places you can visit during your holidays. But if you look forward to a perfect holiday in a place that also offers great tai ji quan (tai chi) natural retreats, then Chania, Crete is most possibly the ideal destination for you.