Self catering villas and accommodation in Chania, Crete

Douliana villas offer truly unique self catering accommodation in Chania, Crete

It took great care and devotion from our part, and for many long years, in order to make Douliana Villas one of the most unique self catering accommodation options in the region of Chania, Crete. As always, the difference is in the details. It’s all the small things we take care of, and which mean so much to you, our guests.

During recent years, more and more in-the-know visitors to Chania prefer to stay in self catering accommodation, like Douliana Villas. The main reason for this, is that self catering accommodation provides numerous and crucial advantages when travelling to a holiday destination, and especially when travelling to an amazing island like Crete. Let’s see together below the most significant of them.

The advantages of self catering accommodation in a villa in Chania, Crete

When thinking of self catering accommodation, the first, and most obvious, advantage that comes to mind, is the price. When you are a family or small group staying in a self catering villa, for example, you can enjoy all this luxury at a fraction of the cost you would pay in a 4-star of 5-star hotel, especially during the peak period of summer.

But there are other great advantages of self catering villa accommodation, too, like the unlimited freedom it provides you. You can have your own schedule, especially regarding when you eat or drink.

Also, this way you can fully explore the destination of your choice – which in our case is the magnificent Chania region. When staying self catering, you live more like a local, than like a “tourist”. And Chania, and Crete in general, is a place with countless hidden secrets and treasures, if you take the time and care to scratch beneath the surface.

Another big advantage of self catering accommodation in a Chania villa is the opportunity you get to sample the local cuisine, as you choose where and what you eat. And Crete is a perfect place regarding gastronomy, as the superb Cretan diet has historically been the base of the now famous Mediterranean diet.

Finally, many self catering accommodations, and especially villas, provide many facilities that are hard to find in hotel accommodations of the same level, like a private or a semi-private pool, a fully equipped kitchen, a lush garden with a bbq place, and a cosy fireplace for the winter months.

Why choose the self catering accommodation in Douliana Villas in Chania, Crete

Apart from the many advantages of staying in a self catering villa accommodation in Chania, Crete, there are substantial additional advantages when you stay in Douliana Villas.

First of all, the villas are located in the heart of one of the most beautiful, verdant, and magnificent places in Crete: The Apokoronas region of Chania. Apokoronas is a fertile place on the foot of the famous Lefka Ori (or White Mountains) of Crete, full of picturesque small villages.

An added advantage is the exact location of the self catering villas, in the village of Douliana. In Douliana you can find lots of well-preserved, centuries-old houses and mansions, and the village is considered the architectural gem of Apokoronas. And the splendid architecture of Douliana Villas themselves continue the great architectural tradition of the area.

Finally, the surroundings of the villas, with their lush gardens, the pools, and the calm environment, have been made with the visitor in mind. By far most people who want self catering villa accommodation in Chania, Crete, are people who treasure calm, quiet and peaceful holidays, where they can truly relax. And Douliana Villas deliver all these three to the maximum degree.

So, if you are visiting Crete soon, maybe it’s time for you to consider Douliana Villas, probably the most unique self catering villa accommodation option for travellers in-the-know to Chania, Crete.