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Douliana Village: Tradition in action

Douliana Vilas are located next to the traditional village of Douliana. Perched on a picturesque hilltop, and embraced by the azure of Souda Bay below, the enchanting village of Douliana is a treasure trove of Cretan history and architecture waiting to be discovered. More than just a village, Douliana is a gate to the past, preserving the essence of rural Crete in every stone and every story.

As you reach Douliana, you’ll be welcomed by towering cypresses and ancient oaks, silent witnesses to the village’s vibrant history. And inside Douliana’s winding streets, you will discover a beacon of culture and community spirit, which, since the 18th century has retained its authentic charm like no other place in the region. This enduring character is a testament to the villagers’ commitment to preserve their heritage, from the historic monuments to the traditional buildings that dot the landscape. Douliana isn’t just a place: it’s a living museum of traditional architecture that echoes the stories of Apokoronas and Crete through the ages.

But Douliana’s appeal isn’t limited to its history. The village is a mosaic of cultural experiences, inviting you to immerse yourself in a society where time seems to stand still. Discover the divine beauty of two 19th century Orthodox churches, both architecturally sound and adorned with exquisite Byzantine icons. Linger in the heart of the village, the central square, where the local stores offer a glimpse into the soul of Cretan life, and enjoy a traditional Greek coffee in the kafenio. And when hunger calls, the village taverna stands ready to satisfy your appetite with sumptuous Cretan delicacies, each dish being a melody of Cretan flavours created from the freshest local ingredients.

But its tranquil hilltop perch is no the only exquisite thing in Douliana: The shimmering coastline is literally around the corner. Just 2km away are the pristine beaches of Apokoronas, where the so-hard-to-forget embrace of the Cretan Sea awaits. And if you are in the mood for some serious urban exploration, the magnificent historic city of Chania is just 20km away, offering a blend of Venetian charm and vibrant street life.

Whether you’re arriving from the port of Souda or from the main island’s gateway, the airport, Douliana village is within an easy 20-30 minute drive, making it not just a destination in its own right, but a starting point for countless adventures.

In Douliana, every path leads to discovery, every stone has a story to tell and every moment is an invitation to indulge in the pure joy of traditional Cretan life. Here, in the midst of timeless beauty and the authentic, warm hospitality of its people, you’ll find more than just a place to stay; you’ll find a place where your heart belongs. Welcome to Douliana Village, where the heart of Crete still beats strong. It’s time for you to come and make it a part of your unforgettable Cretan story.

About Apokoronas

Douliana Villas are located in one of the most scenic areas in Crete, where the amazing Apokoronas peninsula unfolds, nestled between the majestic White Mountains and the azure expanse of Souda Bay. This one-of-a-kind region, a tapestry of natural wonders and serene vistas, offers an escape into the idyllic charm of rural Cretan life.

Apokoronas, nestled in the foothills of the “Lefka Ori” or White Mountains, is celebrated as the greenest sanctuary in Crete, exhibiting a landscape of unparalleled beauty that captures the heart of every visitor. Here, the grandeur of nature and the tranquility of the Cretan Sea combine to create a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, adorned with golden sandy shores ready to welcome you.

Strategically located between the historic cities of Chania and Rethymnon, Apokoronas serves as a gateway to the best of rural Crete, combining centuries-long history, rich culture and immense natural beauty. The peninsula is a mosaic of traditional Cretan villages, each with its own distinctive charm. Douliana‘s highlights are its elegance and its architectural grace, while Vamos invites you into the heart of nature. Kefalas offers panoramic views of the Cretan Sea, and in Kalyves, the pristine sandy beaches will satisfy every need for a careless time by the sea.

Venture further to discover the unique charm of Almirida and Plaka, two villages with distinct characters yet united in their beauty; Almirida with its laid-back beach vibe and Plaka with its breathtaking seascapes. Vrisses, with its abundant running water, is an oasis of lush vegetation, offering a cool retreat from the summer heat.

But the wonders of Apokoronas do not end with these well-known gems. Hidden within its embrace are more gems waiting to be discovered, from the tranquil Tsivaras to the historic Gavalohori and the enchanting Kokino Horio. Each village, a universe in itself, invites you to uncover its well-hiden secrets and stories.

In this land where the mountains whisper to the sea and the air is filled with the scent of wild herbs and the sound of traditional Cretan music, the villas and houses of Douliana are your sanctuary. Here, amidst the breathtaking beauty of Apokoronas, you are not just a visitor, but part of a living, breathing tapestry of Cretan culture and hospitality.

Whether you seek the embrace of nature, the thrill of exploration or the warmth of local traditions, Apokoronas offers a canvas on which your dreams can paint their own masterpiece. Come and immerse yourself in the splendour of Crete and let the Apokoronas peninsula be the setting for an unforgettable journey.

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