Cycling holidays and tours in Chania, Crete

Cycling holidays and tours in Chania, Crete can offer you a diversity of great cycling experiences.

Chania, Crete is a paradise for cycling holidays and tours. Every year, thousands of cyclists, both amateur and experienced, discover the many advantages of Chania – and Crete in general – for perfect cycling holidays.

The two main reasons that separate Chania and Crete from other cycling destinations are the natural environment and the weather. We’ll discover more on both of these below, along with some of the best cycling routes in the region, and we will find out why cycling holidays and tours in Chania are so popular to visitors of every age and background.

Cycling holidays and tours in Chania, Crete – The natural environment

Regarding natural environment, Chania has a flora and fauna unique in Europe. The region of Chania is also home to numerous gorges that run through its land. Among them, the famous Samaria Gorge, the longest gorge in Europe, which for many visitors is a prime reason to visit Chania.

The gorges create numerous great cycling routes, which, if you add the lush vegetation of the area, are unique in Europe. The geomorphology of Chania makes the whole region a perfect place for cycling holidays and tours.

Cycling holidays and tours in Chania, Crete – The weather and climate

Another great reason that Chania is so popular with cyclists is its weather and climate.

Chania is part of Crete Island, the biggest and southernmost island of Greece, so first and foremost it has the sweet Southern Mediterranean climate that characterizes an island. However, at the same time Chania is part of West Greece, which has a different, more wet climate than the rest of Greece. This is the reason that the Chania region is very fertile and green, and pretty different from the dry islands with the characteristic brown terrain, like the ones in the Cyclades.

Especially regarding cycling holidays and tours, this means that cyclists can enjoy perfect weather conditions, that combine the nice rain-free weather, with the relatively low temperatures of the area.

Especially when cycling in picturesque routes that pass through gorges, both the ideal weather (that provides coolness even in the midst of summer) and the breathtaking scenery can make a lasting impression even to the most experienced cyclists.

Cycling holidays and tours in Chania, Crete – A couple of great cycling routes

One of the best cycling routes you can do, starting from Chania city, is the one to the village of Therisso. Therisso, which lies in a distance of about 15 kilometres south of Chania city, is a historic village that has played a big role in the revolt of the Cretans during the last years of the Ottoman occupation of Crete.

Apart from the village’s historical significance, though, the road from Chania city to Therisso can very well be the highlight of your cycling holidays to Crete: The road passes through the spectacular Therisso Gorge, one of the most picturesque gorges in Chania, which is a treat for the eyes for every cyclist that is lucky enough to experience this route firsthand.

Another great place for your cycling tour is the Omalos plateau. Omalos is a scenic elevated plateau, with numerous scattered hills all around, which is also the entrance to the famous Samaria Gorge (which you have to cross on your feet and without your bicycle – sorry!).

Omalos is a very picturesque place, with full of scenic villages that seem to have come from another era. The distance from Chania city is about 35 kilometres.

Cycling holidays and tours in Chania, Crete can offer you a diversity of great cycling experiences. The information we shared in this articles is just the tip of the iceberg.

All over Chania there is a host of great cycling routes, which, along with the superb weather of the area, and the unique, magnificent natural landscape of Chania, Crete can make your cycling holidays and tours an experience of a lifetime.