Countryside, village villas in Chania, Crete

Douliana Villas are the perfect example of countryside, village villas in Chania, Crete, that offer tremendous advantages

This summer, try something different: Stay in a countryside villa in a traditional Cretan village in Chania, and absorb every moment of the day, just like the local villagers do. Indeed, perhaps the greatest advantage of this kind of accommodation is that it offers you the best way to see, know and feel the authentic heart of Crete.

No travel in Crete is complete, if you don’t care enough to taste the famous Cretan spirit and mentality firsthand. And the best way to do this is by staying in a countryside villa in a village in Chania, Crete. Let’s dig deeper of all the advantages to you, the traveller, this accommodation option offers.

The great advantages of staying in a countryside, village villa in Chania, Crete

There are numerous resorts and beaches in Chania, and quite many of them are well known all over Europe. But year after year, more and more travellers to Chania want to also feel the real, authentic face of this amazing, unique place.

The countryside and the villages of Chania, and Crete in general, are the best places to come in touch with authentic Crete. What’s more, now you have the opportunity to combine this with staying in a great traditional villa with superb architecture and ample amenities, like Douliana Villas.

Crete is not only its jaw-dropping beaches and its amazing archaeological sites. Perhaps the thing that is most remembered by visitors after their vacation to the island, is the everyday culture, and the authentic Cretan way of living, that practically all visitors find fascinating. And there is no better place to find all these, than a Cretan village in the Chania countryside.

When staying in a villa in the village, it’s the birds’ task to wake you up (and not of the occasional speeding driver, like in a resort). You wake up and the first things you see are the marvellous flowers of the Cretan countryside (which are part of a local flora unique in the world). You wonder around the village’s streets and you come in touch with yourself again, through small details that seemed invisible yesterday – but which now make a lot of sense, as they are part of the secret substance of life itself…

Get (even) more advantages by staying in the countryside villas in Douliana village in Chania, Crete

There is no more a secret that the village of Douliana is one of the best places to stay in Chania. Year after year, more and more travellers who seek calmness, quietness and a deeper meaning in their holidays, come and stay in Douliana, the village that has managed to preserve its traditional architecture to the highest degree.

We have created Douliana Villas with exactly this goal in mind: To give you the opportunity to explore the countryside of Crete, and to feel and absorb the local life in a traditional Chania village, like Douliana, which at the same time offers superb advantages, as it is renowned for its great architecture, beautiful natural landscape, and very friendly locals.

This year, it’s your turn to find a new way of authentic living. This year, it’s your turn to come and stay in Douliana Villas, the truly exquisite village villas in the countryside of Chania, Crete.